Poetry for Kayu

by Kadek Sonia Piscayanti

Dear son, you move a lot inside. What are you doing son, are you swimming? Should be very dark now, should be very peaceful inside. In darkness and peace, you keep kicking and moving. Smart son, you are doing smart move, arent you? You swim, son, you swim, like a fish, you jump, and dive and dance and perhaps I think, you are bored inside, that you think about to coming out.
You know what, we have imagined your face son, we have imagined your eyes, your hair and your lips. Your eyes are dark and deep. Your hair are soft and thin and lightly black. Your lips are curved. And all are shaped in a good way I can see my face and your dad’s face. You are both of our faces. You are the mirror of ours.
Hey, listen now. Can you listen? Listen to Kenny G. This particular man, my God, he has a wonderful play of saxophone. The best, you hear, you hear? There you go son, you move, you move.
Look at that, your big sister, Putik Padi, has grown up, to be a little princess, you know, she is now drawing by having her drawing lecture online in youtube. She has all the way to be a real princess. She loves you dear. Loves you like she is a real big sister you deserve the best.
And there, yes, you see? Ayah. Father. Of all patience. And impatience sometimes. He is the tree of all. He is the shady tree. The silent and shady tree. Yet the one who loves us all at his best. Son. He is ayah, your father. Son, he is very proud of you.
And now, I am typing this while feeling that you are moving inside. Listen, listen, I am your bunda. We will see each other soon. Less than sixty days, less than that. We will finally see each other’s faces. Good. Son, I am here. We are here all for you. Waiting for your coming officially when you are out.
Good. Son. Swim like a fish. Move like a dancer. Gently and elegantly. Don’t be afraid of the darkness. Don’t. Don’t be afraid of the silence. Just don’t. don’t.
We all love you.

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