Mindful Writing, Mindful Beginning

by Kadek Sonia Piscayanti

Have you ever asked why are you here in this particular space and time. Have you ever asked why are you born to be a woman.
This is many whys I have

– Why am I born a stubborn
– Why am I born brown
– Why am I born slow
– Why am I not beautiful as others?
– Why am I not succeeded?
– Why am I not rich?
– Why am I not easy going?
– Why am I here, now, to be with you?

and many more

towards so many questions that may continue until forever, we know one thing, we never have enough. We never have limit on our desires. To win this battle. To win this world. To make sure that we made it to the top. The question is why why why is it so important to be at the top? What is top? What are the parameters?

we all are insecure sometimes, for seeing what people become, and how they become, they are just sooo successful while we are nothing.

Next question, why do we measure their success with all failures?

this is where we will all begin. We will be mindful. Not to compare. Not to judge. Not to always win over others. We just accept who we are as who we are.

We will begin. Soon

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