Anne Frank, thanks for your letter

by Kadek Sonia Piscayanti

Anne Frank,
I know you have been in the air since 1945, but I still can read your thought up till now. I am a mother and I am so thankful to read your letter because it makes me feel alive, again and again. Your spirit has made a different world and your dream to be more than just human, more than just being a woman has been achieved in ways more than you can imagine.
I have long been attached with your name, with your thought, with your honesty and brilliance in such a young age. You always state your feeling bravely as if nothing can put your thoughts in prison. You have undergone a lot in your young age.

In May, everything seems to begin in May, at least in the context that today is May, your letter in May 8, 1944, said that your fathers’ family is rich, your mother’s family is rich, and those families are familiar with parties and luxurious food. However in that day all you can get is two spoonful of porridge with nothing but lettuce, and rotten potatoes (day by day). Oh my, as a mother I can imagine how hard that time was and I could even be more sad when you wrote “If Miep had taken us to the party we shouldn’t have left any rolls for the other guests. I can tell you, we positively drew the words from Miep’s lips, we gathered round her, as if we’d never heard about delicious food or smart people in our lives before!”

When I read more about you and the bigger picture of your family, and your upbringing, and all the wrong politics of where you are born into, I am attached only on how you see life, and how you build the world within you.

Regardless of what you eat and what you think you can not do, you do a lot. Until now. Therefore your dream is now bigger than you think. Your soul is at peace and makes a total difference, as beyond your imagination.

If I could see you live today, I will send you letters of poems, for you and Margot, and your Miep, as the keeper of your book of ideas.

Or if you see me anywhere from the sky, can you send me the link of your address? I will send you this.

Thank you.

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