001. 16-05-21

by Kadek Sonia Piscayanti

If you remember the day when you were little
swimming pool seemed a luxury only few can have to taste
the idea of water and smiles, a freedom and a future
a mistery

This afternoon Putik and Kayu went back to swimming pool. I did not join. I have always something to do. I got a deadline. I planned to read the references by the time they were swimming, and I was glad I could read some.

Reading some research; of narative methodology, of ontology, epistemology, and axiology from which I understand too little. I decided to study a qualitative study for my dissertation, a totally different with my bachelor and master degree, cause if they were the same, maybe I never grow.

I watched Putik swam. She was very confident now. Realizing that back in her 9th or 10th, she was always afraid to breathe in the water. Yet now she was more confident to swim without assistance in a big pool, she managed to conquer her worries. And Kayu, he mastered the basic as well. He was very good at it. He tried to swim independently and yes he did. Nobody trained him, only when we went to swimming pool he would do it by himself. It is his nature to always love water as his name Hujan, water drops from the skies.

I went back to my reading. Studying in the time of pandemic seemed to be interesting. We do everything on our own phase. Little did we know when we will have the real class. Only time will tell. I am in the middle of nowhere.

Yet let us pray for the best. Time will heal everything. My thoughts went everywhere.

Earlier this afternoon I read Sylvia Plath. She was always my favourite. She who I knew from Sound and Sense book by Laurrence Perrine, taught at literature class in my university back in 2003-2004. The Professor who taught me was Prof Basuki, from who I learned a lot about literature. Sylvia Plath works are amazing and her works as well as her life inspired me. I will talk about poetry in my research, so every poetry will do me better.

Went back to swimming, kids were so happy whenever they are in swimming pool. The idea of blue water and freedom, and relaxed, and controlled at the same time. They are truly happy.

We went back. We decided to buy something to eat before home. I ate tipat Pak Kumis, and Putik had sate. We had so much fun. We were home. Then I faced my laptop and back to my research. I always have things done timely. Now I got to write my assignment. Due tomorrow. So I guess, bye now.

19.07 pm

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